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Hohai University

Founded in 1915, Hohai University is a key state university under the direct administration of Ministry of Education of China. Specialized in the research of water conservancy and education of engineering programs, the University provides disciplines ranging from engineering, science to economics, management, liberal arts, and law. It is a member of the University of Project 211, a cross-century project formulated by the Chinese government for the implementation of the strategy of invigorating the country through science, technology and education.

Hohia University

Currently, there are 3,409 faculty members and 46, 921 students. The University consists of 19 colleges and departments, with 12 post-doctoral programs, 78 Ph.D. programs, 233 master programs, 18 engineering master programs, 11 professional master programs (including MBA, MPA, MSW) and 51 undergraduate programs. Besides, the University houses one key state laboratory and one national engineering research center.

The main campus is located in Gulou District of Nanjing (No.1, Xikang Road), with two other campuses in Jiangning District (Nanjing) and Xinbei District (Changzhou), occupying an area of about 153 hectares in total.

International School

Hohai University is proactively seeking international cooperation opportunities to integrate quality resources both home and abroad. It has established connections with over 80 institutions around the world and is conducting programs including joint training, mutual credit recognition, short-term student and teacher exchanges, fellowships and other academic visits.

The International School is committed to the management and service of international students, overseas studies, short-term exchanges and education of Chinese language and culture.

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